The Van Der Wheil Method

Che Van Der Wheil contrived this strategy to limit the field of ponies in a pony race. The Van Der Wheil – VDW strategy utilizes key measurements as follows, class, consistency (the last 3 completing places of the pony being referred to), capacity and speed figures to asses a pony’s possibility of winning. He expressed that the pony should be in the initial 6 of the wagering figure and that the pony’s weight was a critical factor in the pony’s possibility as weight is a leveler. Visit :- UFA

The way in to the Van Der Wheil Method was the class of race (Penalty Value) that the pony had contended in. He utilized the relationship of a prevalence football crew dominating every one of their matches in the meeting alliance. The type of the group is acceptable however what is structure whenever accomplished in lower class football matches. 

The following are 6 straightforward Steps on the best way to peruse a pony hustling structure utilizing the Van Der Wheil Ratings – The 6 Step VDW Method. 

The way in to the VDW strategy is to pick the class/structure ponies in the race dependent on the accompanying models and spot these ponies in bunches B+ G+ C+ S+ and A+. 

Stage 1. Discover top 3 OR – Official Rated Horses into Group B+ 

Stage 2. All out the prize cash from the last 3 races a pony contended in to deliver Group G+ 

Stage 3. Pick predictable ponies by including the last 3 race positions a pony has accomplished produces Group C+ 

Stage 4. Recognize top 3 ponies with Top Speed figures ( TS ) produces Group S+ utilizing the Racing Post. 

Stage 5. Recognize ponies that can win regarding capacity likened to by prize cash separated by the quantity of races won. Gathering A+

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