Commercial Property Agents – Top Agent Tips for Telephone Dialogue Development

One of the most important factors and skills we can develop in commercial real estate agency is that of the use of the telephone. If we are confident and connecting in the telephone process we will achieve more meetings, and that will lead to more opportunities. Pearl Industrial phone

Unfortunately many salespeople neglect the telephone process and the dialogue behind it. They fail to practice and they fail to focus on the professional use of the telephone. It is probably one of the finest business tools that we have available. It is cheap and it is effective.

Without a doubt, when you take the time to improve your telephone process, the telephone prospecting activities that you do (or should do) every day will improve. That will mean more meetings, more listings, and potential transactions. The equation is quite simple however the practice is important to make the process work for you.

So to move things ahead here these are some ideas that you can develop and nurture in the telephone dialogue and prospecting process:

In most cases the call contact process involves asking questions and creating conversation. It does not need to be a pitch nor should it be, particularly if you really don’t know the person or their involvement or interest in commercial property. A sales pitch in commercial real estate is best left for the face to face meeting if it is to occur. The meeting should only occur if the person has the right requirements and attributes to work with you.

Most of the people we connect with may not have a need or an interest in commercial real estate at the moment. What we do need to know is if they will have a need or an interest in the future. Establishing the rapport and building ongoing contact with the right people will help you greatly. Recording and tabulating contacts and key people will help you greatly.

Organization works well within call prospecting. You do need some sort of database to help you with collation of information. The database does not need to be expensive or complicated. It simply needs to be something that works for you and secures your information for future access. With advancements in today’s technologies, your database can be available on your cell phone, your laptop computer, and the Internet. Versatility and security are the keys to making this work for you. Start with something simple and work up from there.

Always track your ratios in the call contact process. Those ratios will be across the number of calls made, meetings created, conversions, and listings. Over time you will see those ratios improve. When that starts to occur you know you are on the right track.

Initially the call contact process can be (and usually is) quite frustrating for those that are new to the industry. The factors of rejection and the necessary research put a lot of people off. For those that can get organized and stay on track with the call contact processes that they set for themselves, success is generally the outcome. It takes about three months to get real momentum in the process.
Decide today to take this task to the next level. Develop a process of practice and self-improvement. Understand what the market needs and then start calling down the requirement. Somewhere out there you will find prospects that can act in today’s economic climate. Momentum and practice will take you faster to the top of your industry. Stop struggling and start taking the right action


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